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Entrenador is derived from a Spanish word meaning “coach”.

As the name suggests Entrenador Consulting specializes in Training, Coaching and providing consulting services to individuals and businesses alike in HR, Marketing, Environment and Strategy.

Entrenador is India’s first and only organization that incorporates Business Neuro-linguistic Programming in its training and coaching modules. Our consultants are Master NLP Practitioners and first lineage of Dr. John Grinder’s NLP module in the South-Asian sub-continent and trained by the esteemed protégée of Dr. Grinder’s Mr. Mohamad Rafi, an International trainer, coach and mentor. Furthermore, our consultants possess a strong background in business (such as MSMEs, start-ups, incubator & accelerators and MNCs) and government sectors.

The main objective of Entrenador is to assist individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations to realize their dreams and achieve their goals with accelerated excellence. At Entrenador, we develop leadership and entrepreneurship potential to lead, learn, transform and achieve the desired results through strategic and training interventions, and business and leadership coaching by incorporating neuroscience of business management principles.

  • Company Philosophy & Vision
  • Mission
Our company believes that everyone has the potential to excel and we, at Entrenador, provide them a platform to strengthen their neural acuities and be successful.
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Agility
  • Independence
• To empower people and motivate them to identify, achieve and grow in their professional journeys.

• Flexible payment options, service based and high skills solutions model.
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